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WIth you

But I am With You

Moses objected when challenged by God, “Who am I that I should go …” The Lord’s response? “Certainly I will be with you.” That was to be enough for Moses, and intended to be enough for you and me. 


Quiet Time and Missionary Life

“When I arrive on the mission field, I’ll be more consistent with my quiet times.” Have you ever thought that? I did, before I entered the field. We would agree that if Jesus spent time in prayer and communion with His Father, sometimes all night, we ought to do the same. However, Christians, whether missionaries or not, frequently confess that finding the minutes for a consistent quite time can be challenging.


Finding your Fit in Ministry

If you are considering God’s call to foreign missions, you’re probably wondering how to choose an area of work. To begin, consider your experiences and avocations.


Yes, I'm In!

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