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Robert Werntz - Past President and CEO, MissionNext

Robert Werntz - Past President and CEO, MissionNext

As I served with ReachGlobal as missionary recruiters, God stirred a passion for intentional recruiting. There are many gifted people who would love to serve, but don’t know where to start. All Christ followers are charged with telling the world about salvation through Christ. The need to help people find their way to serve in the harvest field is a vital ministry unto itself.

There have been many pivotal points in his journey. Looking back, it’s remarkable to see how God has used and is using each one of them. He has chosen to use my life experiences as a banker, pastor, missionary and recruiter–for such a time as this. Most pivotal, of course, have been the changes in me. God is always drawing me to trust Him, changing my easily-fixed mindset to be willing to follow Him however and wherever He leads.

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